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discover how The 'Hexagon process' 
has helped Govia thameslink, GWR,
and southeastern trains!!!
We'll share the how the 'Hexagon Process' has helped 3 Train Operating Companies to manage their Learning & Development Plans and Schedules.
Spreadsheets simply CAN'T manage all the resources that are required for Training!
A typical Training Course will include:
A Location, A Room, A Trainer, Some Delegates.
The Trainer will need to be suitably skilled.
The Delegates will need to be told where to go and when.
They will have been selected due to a particular skill shortage, etc.
Why start off by using the wrong tool for the job? Why make it hard to work effectively?
  • Why Spreadsheets Don't Work ...
  •  A Spreadsheet simply can't cope with multiple resources, try pivoting 6 resources
  • Try swapping the scale from days, to months and re-calculating workloads in an instant
  •  What about sharing data with others and getting them to update information in 'real-time'
  • They also can't do multiple calculations from a single event, even though that is supposed to be their main strength
Discover How 'The Hexagon Process' Works Now ...
Chekr Fighting Timesheet Fraud
You will NEVER be get a Spreadsheet to effectively 
manage and manipulate this many resources!
Chekr Fighting Timesheet Fraud
'drag and drop' any resource ...
Create plans for course, then 'drag and drop' resources on top, e.g. trainers, locations, rooms, etc. Check for the right skill levels, holiday clashes, etc. See Workloads change, as you go!
Chekr controls working hours
Import delegates data ...
Why not import names, contact details, etc. so that you can send out Joining Instructions, keep track of who needs additional training, when certificates expire, or track results, hours spent on training and much more.
Stop spending hours, if not days, collating information to present to meetings. Simply switch to Dynamic Dashboards for up to date information collected in real time and presented to suit your needs. Report on almost anything related to your events!
Chekr Fighting Timesheet Fraud
do you spend hours every month preparing reports?
ever wondered why?
Chekr Fighting Timesheet Fraud
We looked at building our own solution, then found Visual Planning. It was all done, so we became the UK distributor. 

We have now provided training solutions to a wide range of organisations and businesses, from the major Train Operating Companies to smaller Scaffolding Businesses. 
Discover How 'The Hexagon Process' Works Now ...
Chekr Fighting Timesheet Fraud
Chekr Fighting Timesheet Fraud
all our clients have 1 thing in common
they all have multiple resources to manage!
let me explain what started me off with 
visual planning ...
After owning and running a 140 seat Call Centre in Mauritius for 18 years I was very familiar with Planning and Scheduling issues, especially when we went to 3 shifts and 24 hour working and had multiple UK TV Channels all wanting instant service responses from our staff.

I had developed a Scheduling platform in the 90's, but when I found Visual Planning I realised how much more advanced their solution was, so I asked to become their UK distributor.

We focus on Training and Skills Management because they are ideally suited to Visual Planning. We can provide multiple perspectives easily and without fuss. We can calculate from complex scenarios, saving hours, if not days, every month and we can manage complex resources using 'drag and drop'. 

Our team of consultants work from our offices in Shropshire, making running Training Courses and managing Skills easy, rather then a chore, allowing our customers to take back control of their data. 
Chekr Fighting Timesheet Fraud
do you want to take back control of your information 
and visualise your PLANS AND schedules?
Chekr Fighting Timesheet Fraud
create your own views, include the information you want
display it in the right layout for each user
Time Chekr
IP Chelr
Photo chekr
Roll Call Chekr
Time Chekr
IP Chelr
Photo chekr
Roll Call Chekr
'Drag and Drop'
Simply drag and drop resources and events around your schedules and plans. 
Easy to learn, easy to use.
Real Time
Keep all your data up to date and accurate. Import and export direct to existing solutions and share with your team!
Multi-user. Mulit-device, 
Up to 100,000 users, on PC, Mac, Tablet or mobiles and at any location!
Instant Power
Filters, constraints, rules, workloads, calculations, valuations, planned/actual, forms, input editors, email sending, geo location and much more ...
All configured to work for you!
visual planning is scaleable and customised but always using 
the same toolkit, so no 'custom code'
Share information, in 'real-time' and get others to update their data too!
Any device, anywhere, any time. (Subject to network and permissions)
Configured for you ... not for us
We can readily re-name headings and fields to suit your business and even match your business processes and flow of information. No need for you to change to match the software, we'll make it fit to you.
One size fits all ...
Not quite, but we aim to provide some of the same elements in all our Training, Course Management and Skills Management solutions and these can then be expanded on at any time, allowing for the future.
Discover How 'The Hexagon Process' Works Now ...
Visual Planning is an Enterprise level solution that allows you to share all your plans, allocate and manage your resources effectively and maximise resource utilisation.

All this is achieved with a simple User Interface that allows most elements and resources to be controlled using 'drag and drop'. This reduces training time and increases take up.

Gain control immediately! Start getting more from your resources within days and take back control. Below are some  of the more commonly used features ...
Discover How 'The Hexagon Process' Works Now ...
WHAT's included...
Create as many workspaces as you want to present your information in the best format for each audience. Mix any views within a workspace .
Views include Schedules, Agendas, Gannt Charts, Lists and  Kanban Boards.
All can be configured to suit your specific requirements.
Filter on events or resources. Decide exactly what you see, what timeframe (e.g. hourly, daily, weekly, etc.) and just see relevant information.
Use rules and constraints to build events and ensure your resources are available at the right times, or when you create new events.
Load up 'live' workloads to check utilisation of resources, be it trainers, rooms, etc. 
View as numbers, percentages or as bar charts.
View dynamic dashboards, tabular reports or graphic reports to understand  what is going on at any point in time, 
in real time!
Visual Planning offers you the controls to manage
manipulate and maximise your resources
3 custom packs - pick the one that best suits you!
We have 3 Custom Packs Options - The Newtown, The Shrewsbury and The Hereford. 

All come with 'licences' and 'consultancy' and use our tried and tested 'Hexagon Process' to guide you from the initial Breakout Call right through to Training and Support.
we know you'll love the software, 
so we'll provide a free working demo.
The demo can be taken from any of our 3 Packages and will be made available for up to 1 month, free of charge. 

All we ask is that you undertake a FREE BASIC TRAINING SESSION and a BREAKOUt CALL with one of our consultants, or sales staff. We need to check that we are providing the right package for you and that Visual Planning will be a good fit for your business and requirements.
So what To do Now?
FREE DISCOVERY CALL - typically 15-30 mins
This is a biggie. In this call we'll talk through where you are now, what you want to achieve and where you want to end up. You may not know all the answers, yet, but we are very adept at understanding issues and translating them into solutions, that work, for you.

Following the DISCOVERY CALL we will customise one of our pre-prepared demos that best suits your scenario and then arrange to go through this with you 'on-line' or at your offices. 

The demo is your chance to see the power of Visual Planning and how much more flexible, powerful and suitable to planning and scheduling it is, compared to almost any other solution.
Basic Training will enable you to 'play' with the demo for yourself. This training is usually £297. It covers how to manoeuvre around within the app, the basic controls and functions and how to start to manipulate information, be it adding in a course, allocating a trainer or sending out information to a delegate. This session will not replace on-site training, but will enable you to 'start' to use Visual Planning and get some ideas of the functions and power of the software.
Chekr Fighting Timesheet Fraud
save time, maximise your resources and take control
of your all you planning and scheduling in one place!
Stop your weekly fight with your Spreadsheets! Make life easy and re-gain control!
Moving to visual planning will save you time, make it easier to collect information,
improve decision making and save you money.
LEt's HEar from some existing clients ...
Visual Planning enabled us to save days on reporting every month. It allows us to share information with colleagues and see 'at a glance' what is happening, where, with who and what the outcomes were, in real time. 
- Sarah jones, L&D Training Manager, southeastern railway
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Download Full Case Study Here
take control of your planning and scheduling now!
you could be wasting thousands every year by delaying!
Do I need to buy any expensive hardware?
No. Visual Planning Cloud Licences, or SaaS, is run on our hosted servers and can be accessed by any device with internet access, such as a mobile, tablet, laptop or PC/Mac.
Do I need to think 
about GDPR?
Yes, but as a Data Manager or Controller, you need to do this anyway, whatever you use to store information on your staff. We do not touch your data, unless asked and it is in a space only accessed by you and your staff.
What is 
For Visual Planning this depends on the setting you select. The lowest refresh time is 1 minute, so your data could be 'up to' 1 minute behind true 'real-time'. You can always press F5 to update it and then it is actually 'real-time'
Is there a limit on how many users I have?
Not really, although the most on any single application at the moment is 100,000 and they are not all on at any single point in time. Practically, no.
Is there a 'remote' off-line version of the software?
Yes. There 2018 saw the launch of VP Go an iOS and Android App that allows named users to use the software when they are 'off-line'. 
Can I integrate with Visual Planning?
Yes! We can integrate with almost any current database and there is also an API to allow for direct integration. 
We have also developed a Time and Attendance Solution, called Chekr, that integrates seamlessly with Visual Planning.
Discover How 'The Hexagon Process' Works Now ...
soon to be released - in the uk ...
remove timesheet fraud
Eliminate Time Sheets and reduce double inputting of data, mistakes, fraud and gain 'real-time' information on all staff. 
Include job/client/site information, as well as times/dates.
Direct integration
We built the software to integrate, it wasn't an after thought, it was designed to be a direct addition from the start. 

This means instant uploads and access to key data in 'real-time'.
collect what you need
Low monthly costs yet full access to the data from Visual Planning allows you to match up data easily and quickly.

Instant reporting and some unique tools to help you gain control.
chekr is currently availbale at half price !!!
this offer is only available to the fist 25 customers, so be quick.

you need chekr to help you eliminate timesheet fraud!

When the slots have gone, we'll go to full pricing, so act now!
Oakfield Software Ltd. UK Distributor of Visual Planning developed by Stilog I.S.T.- Copyright 2018.