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Visual Planning
94% of Visual Planning users believe they are saving time compared to the scheduling and project management tools they were using before.
Figures from a survey of 5,000 Visual Planning Clients in 2018.
£70m Is Lost EVERY MONTH To
Eliminate TimeSheet Fraud and Save Money, Every Month!
Chekr Fighting Timesheet Fraud
Visual Planning
Easy to use. Easy to learn. Yet incredibly powerful.
Enterprise level 'drag and drop' resource planning and scheduling software.
PC/Mac, Tablet. Mobile. 
Multi Site, Multi User, Multi Device, Multiple Views.
Planners built to suit your business requirements, or, built using pre-built template planners, to save money and time. 
Visual Planning Schedule View
failing to plan wastes a lot of time ...
and incorrectly allocating resources can be really expensive.
But, it is usually really easy to fix ...
VP Tablet and Mobile
Visual Planning offers access via 
Desktop, Tablet and mobile devices.
(Including full App Mode for mobile)

Ideal for staff on the move, or off-site.

Real time updates keep the main system
up to date, at all times.
Chekr Fighting Timesheet Fraud
designed to streamline planning and scheduling
and to maximise resource utilisation.
Chekr Fighting Timesheet Fraud
SEE what you need, when you need it, improve and simplify your processes!
Time Chekr
IP Chelr
Photo chekr
Roll Call Chekr
Multiple Views
Present the information you need to the right audience. Hide what isn't needed to allow for focus on what matters.
Then swap views to perform the next task/process.
Resource Info
Store, use, see as much information as you want on any or all of your resources.
Be it: Clients, Order/Projects,
Staff, Skills, Timesheets, Holidays/Sick, Assets, Machines, Activities, Statuses.
Get instant 'snapshots' of 
'real- time' information and always be up to date.
Share information that counts with others in your team or throughout the business.
Dynamic Dashboards keep staff up to date with events, financials or schedules.
Easily shared on any device or exported for further analysis.
You get all the tools that we have, we simply have more training on how to get the most from them
integrates with CSV, SPREADSHEET, DATABASES ... And more!
What is a resource?
Store contact, address, billing address, tel numbers, site addresses and anything else you need. Then associate the client to any of the other resources, such as orders/projects.
orders / projects
Import or manually add in orders, projects, jobs, etc.
Store any related information, such as due dates, order dates, quantities, colours, sizes, days to allocate to it, etc.
Keep any staff related data, start dates, contact details, holidays due/taken, skills, certificates, permits awarded, etc. 
Add a photo to help them be recognised by your planner.
Assign any assets, such as machines, vehicles, equipment, rooms, Add these to any orders or projects and check their availability and utilisation.
Assign 'activities' to keep track of who is doing what, where and when. Check workloads to see where your bottlenecks are within your business.
Change the status of work as it progresses and automatically pass it to others, or notify others, based on the status. e.g. send an email if delayed, etc. 
IF you are trying to manage more than three resources in a spreadsheet
you will find it really difficult, if not impossible.
Just to prove my point. Build out your spreadsheet. Spend as long on it as you want, a day, a week even a year.
Now, switch the timescale. If you are in days, change to hours, or vice versa. 
Or, change the colour that relates to one of your resources in every 'event' or 'cell' that it appears.
Chekr Fighting Timesheet Fraud
Chekr Fighting Timesheet Fraud
let me explain whY I BECAME A VP DISTRIBUTOR ...
Back in the 90's, (yes, I am that old), I built a Scheduling Solution which was sold to several telecomms companies and building societies, so I knew a bit about what was needed to make this type of software work.

I then sold my software to Lucent Technologies and setup a 150 seat Call Centre in Mauritius, which I owned for 18 years. This continued my involvement with Planning and Scheduling, especially when we went to 3 shifts and 24 hour working.

When I moved out into the countryside, rural Shropshire to be precise, I wanted to do something new, so looked into Planning Software again.

I found Visual Planning and instantly realised that I wouldn't be able to build anything nearly as good as their solution, so I set about becoming the sole distributor in the UK for them. 

It took a while, but now, after 7 years, we have a superb client roster that includes some major names and a wide selection of smaller and medium sized businesses. 
Trevor Wood - Director, Oakfield Software Ltd
Chekr Fighting Timesheet Fraud
Moving to VISUAL PLANNING will Eliminate errors, double bookings and 
reduce overtime, saving you money.
Chekr Fighting Timesheet Fraud
All our installations are built for you. 
BUT, to save you time and money we try to use Template Planners, wherever possible.
This lets you benefit from work we have done for others and removes duplication of effort.
Visual Planning
Visual Planning
We build all planners to your specifications. This involves us walking through your processes and reviewing how data is input, managed and manipulated as it progresses within your business.
This work usually only takes a few hours, as we know what questions to ask and what we need to know to make it work.
Although all our planners are unique, they are all based on the same underlying platform. This means we can often shorten the build process by using a 'similar' planner as the base point for your planner.

We call this Planner Hacking and it saves both you and us time and money.
We usually aim to provide 2 days of training. The first day is for basic training, running you through how each view works and how to manipulate your information.
The second day, is a quick refresher, followed by a walk through the more advanced features. This day aims to help you to be more self-sufficient.
All days are charged for and on-site days are subject to any expenses incurred. 
Imagine that all your daily, weekly and monthly reports were simply 'done for you'. How much time would you save?
For Sarah, at Southeastern Trains, this represented days every month. Freeing up this time enabled her to focus on her actual job.
Chekr controls working hours
FASTER data entry
It is true, data still needs to be entered, but Visual Planning allows you to import data directly from other platforms, such as your CRM, or a Spreadsheet, or an accounts package. This will not only reduce errors and mistakes (due to re-typing), but also reduce time;
Delayed data entry
If you have to wait for 'forms' to be returned before you can update timesheets, worksheets, project reports, etc. then imagine if they were updated in 'real time', i.e. you saw the results in seconds, Simply get staff to enter their data into VP Portal or VP Go and there it is, in front of you. (Yes, you can limit what they see and change).
what would your RESOURCES BILL be if 
you could cut out DUPLICATION OR ERRORS?
we'Ve designed the tool to fix the problems.
let me tell you why we did this.
Frustration ....
No more waiting for 'paper' to be returned to the office.
No more hunting down figures. They simply update, in 'real time'.
Wasted time ....
No more wasted time collating and then re-entering data 
from a Spreadsheet or manually re-inputting into your accounts package.
Wasted money ....
Allocate the right resources to each event and remove wastage,
be it over or under allocation.
Correct Allocation ....
No more double allocation of staff. Simply send the right number once,
then check the hours worked against what was paid for or allocated.
we know you'll love the software, so we 
we'll even build you a tailored demo!
If, for any reason within the first 30 days of the trial you are not 100% satisfied, simply email us and we'll cancel the trial. No Charge!

If you love Visual Planning as much as we do, we'll be happy to walk you through the steps to move things forward. 
So what do you get?
We'll build a tailored demo for you ...
We want you to get the most from your trial, so we will happily build you a tailored demo. This means we need a short cal with you so that we understand what you do and how you want your planner to function. These Discovery Calls usually take about 30 minutes. 
Where we get to understand what you want the software to do ...
As you get all of the tools we have available to us, this offers a lot of flexibility. Our highly trained consultants know how to get the most from each planner and they also know the questions to ask to work out what you need, how you want it presented and what features to add-in and leave out.
When we build your application, from scratch or from a Template Planner ...
This is the 'flexible' element. The more you want it to do, the longer it takes. Typical build times are about 3 to 6 days, but we have some that take 16 to 20, or more. We'll usually be able to get a good idea from our initial calls and then be able to solidify this after your Spec Day.
Now you have your planner, we feel sure you will want to know ho to get the most from it ...
Training days, usually 2 days, are normally split by a few days. The first day is to walk through the basics. We then let you get used to using the system for a few days before holding a second session, where we can make any minor changes, run a quick refresher and then launch into more advanced features, such as building your own views, reports and filters, etc. 
Of course, we'll be on hand if you need us to help, or add more features ...
We usually manage to include all of your requirement into the initial build, but sometimes you may want to 'add' features. We can do these as an extension to the initial contract, or as daily Support and Development work.
it is usually best to talk through your licences 
with one of our consultants or sales staff.
On-Premise Licences cannot be returned or exchanged once purchased.

Visual Planning Licences are available in the following formats:

All Licences can be provided as Cloud OR On-Premise

Visual Planning Enterprise
(Desktop PC/Mac)

VP Portal
(Web Browser)

(Mobile Only)


OR Read Only




OR Read Only




Named VP Go is a full APP and allows data to be read 'off-line'
An internet connection is required to update information.

Named VP Go is a full APP and allows data to be read 'off-line'
An internet connection is required to update information.

Cloud Licences

Come with Maintenance which includes : Installation and Setup, Server Space, (1GB per month), Updates, Bug fixes and Technical Support.

On-Premise Licences

On-Premise Licences require a Maintenance Contract, which includes: Updates, Bug fixes and Technical Support.

Can This Software Be Customised?
Yes, it’s recommended that you customize your scheduling software to make it more efficient and tailor it to your unique project requirements for better organization.
In Visual Planning almost all aspects are customisable, from data structure to work processes, rules, views and displays, KPIs, reports and user rights.
How can using Visual Planning as a scheduling software help me save time?
Visual Planning offers you flexibility of a cloud-based solution, mobility through our VPGO app available on Android and iOS, and scalability for business growth. It enables you to save time with real-time updates, views designed to meet your unique needs, various options to share and publish information, and automated rules that you can set up.
How does scheduling software eliminate scheduling errors?
Top scheduling software such as Visual Planning provide you with tools to reduce scheduling errors, such as warnings for double bookings and overtime, options to find assign the right crew members to each task, ensure tasks are completed on time, and helps you identify bottlenecks and delays that may prevent you to execute goals as initially planned.
How does scheduling software help increase productivity?
Scheduling software such as Visual Planning increases productivity by allowing you to master all steps from planning to execution and reporting in a single platform that is available to all staff members, in and outside of the office thanks to our mobile app.
Teams get more productive as they understand how they can better allocate staff and resource during project planning and avoid unforeseen events that affect deadlines.
Is scheduling software scalable, can it grow with my business?
The right scheduling software should scale with your business. As your business evolves, the work processes can change to facilitate work within bigger teams, address specific needs of each group in a more refined manner and software should be flexible enough to follow suits.
Visual Planning offers the largest options for scalability and customizations on the market, so that your resource planning software can grow with you.
What types of business can benefit from scheduling software?
Several industries can benefit scheduling software including:
Field Service and Utilities
Manufacturing and Industrial Maintenance
Medical and Pharmaceuticals
Railroads and Railway, Public Transportation
Trucking and Fleets
Training Services
Event Planning
Government agencies
How can Visual Planning scheduling software help me keep track my workload?
Scheduling software such as Visual Planning can help you avoid employee workload nightmares by providing a solution to plan sufficiently in advance, plan worst-case scenarios, allocate tasks to specific people, and re-assign tasks to on-call staff when you need coverage.
Visual Planning provides a real-time graph forecast of the incoming workload, with colored highlights for bottlenecks. This gives you insight on when teams can take additional work, and when you should expect to get more things done.
How does Visual Planning scheduling software simplify staff scheduling?
Scheduling software simplifies numerous business processes such as dispatch, staff scheduling, HR, billing, and payroll, which makes you more efficient and reduces cost overhead due to project management errors.
Does Visual Planning scheduling software integrate with other IT tools?
Visual Planning can be integrated with ERP such as SAP, billing and payroll tools, and any other pre-existing systems so that you don’t have to create double entries in multiple locations.
We provide a REST and SOAP API to enable developers to create their own custom integrations. Built-in import and export features also allows for easy transfer of data to office standards such as Microsoft Excel or CSV files and backend IT infrastructure such as MySQL, SQL Server or Oracle.

Focus On : Event Management or Training

Event Management or Training
Want to plan and manage 
events or training courses?
We provide solutions to Govia Thameslink, GWR and Southeastern Trains to help them manage all of their courses!

We also provide planners for many companies running multiple events, such as GL Events.

Letting everyone see what is going on, where, when and who is doing what. Sharing all data, as it is needed, through lists, schedules, notifications and joining instructions, etc.
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